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Add address autocompletion and postcode lookup to your Elementor pages.


Activate Address Finder on your address collection form


Create Address Inputs

This integration works by adding our Address Validation tools using Elementor's page builder. This require you to upgrade your account to the Pro version to access the necessary components. Below are the instructions to add Postcode Lookup or Address Finder.

First create a form; to do this on Elementor scroll down to the Pro section on the left-side menu and choose 'Form'

Elementor pro side navigation highlighting Form component

A basic address form to capture a correct US address should have the following fields:

  • Steet Line One
  • Steet Line Two
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Create address fields-screenshot

You can optionally include additional fields, which are listed in the Address data guide.

Add Address Lookup

Look for the HTML component, it is located in the General section of the Elementor components menu. Place it underneath the form. Click on the HTML component and add the script below.

initialize Address Finder

<script src=""></script>

apiKey: "ak_test",
outputFields: {
line_1: '#form-field-line_1',
line_2: '#form-field-line_2',
city: '#form-field-city',
state: '#form-field-state',
zip_plus_4_code: '#form-field-zip_code'

Take special care to:

  1. Insert your API Key in the apiKey field
  2. Match the names of your address fields. If your Steet Line One has an id=address-line-one, ensure that line_1 reads '#address-line-one'

If you wish to add an additional field, include the parameter name from our documentation. For instance, adding a Building Name field with an ID #form-field-building_name will look like:

outputFields: {
building_or_firm_name: '#form-field-building_name',
line_1: '#form-field-line_1',
line_2: '#form-field-line_2',
line_3: '#form-field-line_3',
post_town: '#form-field-post_town',
postcode: '#form-field-postcode'

See our Address Lookup Plugin Documentation if you wish to customize Address Lookup.


If you need support, you can reach out to us on our support page.