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Address Lookup

Add Address Verification to your address forms in moments with our Address Lookup JavaScript package.

AddressZen Address Lookup Demo


  • Rapid Address Entry. Receive address suggestions as you type with a response time of less than 100ms.
  • Fuzzy Search. Reduce keystrokes by compensating for spelling mistakes.
  • Word Abbreviations. Accepts abbreviations such as av(avenue), hwy (highway), st (street), wy (way).
  • Transposed Letters. Handle accidental switching of letters for instance Nwe York (New York) .
  • Inclusive. WAI-ARIA compliant and works on screen readers for maximum accessibility.
  • Customizable. Extensively customizable behaviour and styling.

Quick Setup

Enable Address Lookup by:

  1. Adding your API Key with apiKey
  2. Designating address fields to be autofilled with outputFields