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How to Switch

Switching from Google's Address Validation and Place Autocomplete to AddressZen offers distinct advantages, particularly for applications targeting a U.S. audience:

Simplified Integration

AddressZen requires a single script for both autocomplete and validation, reducing the complexity and code required compared to Google's separate services for address validation and autocomplete.

Tailored for the U.S.

AddressZen's database is optimized for U.S. addresses, providing higher accuracy and more relevant suggestions for U.S.-based users.

Customization and Control

With AddressZen, developers gain more control over the UI and UX of the address input process, allowing for deeper customization to match your application's design.

Ease of Transition

The process of replacing Google's services with AddressZen is straightforward, involving minimal changes to existing form structures and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Getting Started in 3 Steps

Switching to AddressZen from Google's Address Validation and Place Autocomplete services offers a streamlined, efficient approach to capturing and validating U.S. addresses. This guide walks you through the transition process, highlighting the simplicity and benefits of using AddressZen for U.S.-based applications.

Step 1: Review Your Current Form Setup

Before integrating AddressZen, ensure your form is optimized for U.S. addresses, which typically include:

  • Address Line 1: Street address or P.O. Box.
  • Address Line 2: Optional, for additional details like apartment or suite number.
  • City: The city name.
  • State: The state, using two-letter abbreviations.
  • Zip Code: The 5-digit ZIP code, optionally followed by a 4-digit extension.

AddressZen is designed to work seamlessly with forms structured around these U.S. postal standards.


AddressZen supports a wide range of address fields tailored to the U.S. market. For an extensive list, visit here.

Step 2: Integrate AddressZen

Switching from Google's Address Validation or Place Autocomplete to AddressZen is straightforward. AddressZen simplifies the process by providing a single solution for autocomplete and validation, tailored for the U.S. market. This results in a more user-friendly experience and ensures higher accuracy in address data collection.

To integrate AddressZen, replace your current Google Maps or Place Autocomplete implementation with the following script:

<script src=""></script>
apiKey: "your_api_key_here",
outputFields: {
line_1: "#line_1",
line_2: "#line_2",
city: "#city",
state: "#state",
zip_plus_4_code: "#zipcode",

Ensure "your_api_key_here" is replaced with your actual AddressZen API key. This step connects your form directly to AddressZen's specialized services for the U.S., offering real-time address suggestions and validation.


line_1 becomes the primary input for U.S. addresses, engaging users with autocomplete suggestions as they type.

For a complete guide to configuring output fields and customizing your form, refer to our detailed documentation.

Step 3: Customizing and Testing

After integration, test thoroughly to ensure AddressZen's features are fully operational, enhancing user experience with efficient address input and validation. AddressZen provides various customization options to align with your application's aesthetics and functionality.