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Package Manager (npm)

Address Lookup is also available without transpilation or minification on npm as @addresszen/address-lookup.

The address-lookup npm package works out-of-the-box with most bundlers. The advantage of consuming this package are:

  • Finer control over which browsers you wish to support
  • Dependency deduplification
  • Tree shaking
  • Smaller package sizes



Add address-lookup to your project via npm with

npm install @addresszen/address-lookup


Instantiate Address Lookup with AddressLookup.setup.

import { AddressLookup } from "@addresszen/address-lookup";

const controller = AddressLookup.setup({
apiKey: "zenkey",
outputFields: {
line_1: "#line_1",
line_2: "#line_2",
city: "#city",
state: "#state',
zip_plus_4_code: "#zipcode",